Container Specs

Can you deliver the container to my site, and how soon?

Yes, no problem, we use transport companies who have crane trucks and swing lifters, that offer us a discounted price, which is passed onto the customer. Normally we can have your container on site the next day, if not, the following day.


Will a container fit on my site?

We can Google earth most properties from our office and confirm if our truck can deliver. The general rule is to allow 3mtrs in width, and check for overhead power and phone lines, also your soffit and roof overhang. In some cases, the trucking company will send a representative to view and measure your site, be careful to watch for soft ground...


What size are the containers?

20 Feet General 40 Feet General
External Height 8'6" (2.59), Interior 2.39 External Height 8'6" (2.59), Interior 2.39
Length 20ft (6.05), Interior 5.90 Length 40ft (12.19), Interior 12.04
Width 8ft (2.44), Interior 2.35 Width 8ft (2.44), Interior 2.35
Weight 2.2 tonne Weight 4.3 tonne
Cubic Capacity 33 cubic metres Cubic Capacity 67.5 cubic metres

E.Q.C. or Insurance Claims

If you have a claim, we will give you a quotation for the hire details and either send it direct to your insurer, or you, and once approved, providing we have the case managers details and claim number, we will send all accounts direct to them, until their responsibility terminates.


Do I require any permits or consents?

Normally not, as the container hire is always temporary, but if it interferes with a neighbour or shared access etc. you should seek approval from those involved. As for placing on the road side, then you must get permission from the local council, which normally is not a problem.


Do containers sweat or condensate?

No. But you must ensure goods stored are dry when placed into the container; the worst offenders are lounge suites and mattresses which do absorb moisture.


How secure are containers?

They all have provision to place a sturdy lock on all 4 locking bars, but the left hand door cannot be opened until the right door is open. Some containers come with a factory lock cover box. We have never had a break in reported to us.


Are they clean...?

All containers go through a stringent survey on their return to the depot, which includes cleanliness and are steam cleaned inside and out, if required... The survey includes all under structure, and thorough inside and out, for impact damage where leaks could appear. All doors and locking bars are inspected to ensure the doors are easy to open and close.


What about returning the hire container?

Just phone us and the container will be "off hired" from that day, then we arrange the transport people to pick it up and return to the depot, normally it will be the next day.